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2 Years Fixed 3.95% 2.54%*
5 Years Fixed 5.24% 2.79%*
5 Years Variable 6.35% 2.20%

Updated February 2, 2015
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Having the long-term status of «Advanced Client» and comparing the conditions of other banks, I had little doubt that my bank would offer me the most favourable conditions for a mortgage. Although quite certain of my bank, I decided to still check with a professional and was surprised to find out that he could offer me better rates and conditions! Shortly after, I lost my «Advanced Client» status, which would have given me ever higher interest on my mortgage.
A big thank you to Vitaliy Bystrytskiy for his advice!

Albert Yushko, Edmonton, AB

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Almost two years ago, I turned to a mortgage specialist at RBC Bank after which I received a letter confirming a guaranteed sum for my mortgage. But it was't what I wanted. It could only afford me a decent size home in the Jane / Eglinton area. I went through two realtors, and my third, Elena Bazhenova, advised me to work with Vitaliy. He ended up getting me the amount I wanted and I was able to buy a house in the Royal York / The Queensway area. If I had worked with Vitaliy from the start, I could have bought my house for 50-70 thousand less, as the prices rose during my search. 
Oh, and Vitaliy gave me a 10 visit pass to the Southwest Bathhouse, a necessity for the new year - thanks Vitaliy!

Elena and Valery Krasnikova, Etobicoke,ON

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Having a lot of experience with different brokers, we can safely say that Vitaliy is a professional. He works quickly, clearly and elegantly - a virtuoso of his craft! Very patient and polite: it was a pleasure to work with him - Good luck, Vitaliy!

Valery and Svetlana Etigon, London, ON

We loved the professionalism and attention we received from Vitaliy. We have two small children so it was hard to make the time to come to the office, so Vitaliy came to us! Moreover, three weeks before the closing, Vitaliy offered us an even better rate which he received from another bank!

Tatiana and Ion Chirita, Barrie, ON

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Our agent advised us to turn to Vitaliy and we din't regret it. We have a small child and Vitaliy accommodated us by coming to our home in the evening, answering all our questions, and finding us rates that were never offered by our bank. Thanks to him, we received the lowest rates along with excellent service!

Julia and Vladimir Fursov, Richmond Hill, ON

We were looking at all the best options for obtaining a mortgage. Vitaliy offered us the lowest rate and we quickly received consent from the bank on the promised conditions. The best part was that we didn't have to spend hours on paperwork!

Vugalter Gregory, Vaughan, ON

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We recently moved to Canada, and the local bank didn't even consider us as customers. We were referred to Vitaliy, and got a 5% mortgage down payment from a New-to-Canada program in the credit union. Although I had to put together several documents, it was nothing compared to the result! We now live in the house! We are very pleased for Vitaliy's help.

Sergei Shulman, London,ON

We didn't want to a large down payment but everywhere we looked asked for 20%. We were thrilled when Vitaliy organized a mortgage with a 10% down paynment. It was perfect for us. Awesome work!

Rinat Muhamedyarov, Vaughan, ON

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We were looking for the best refinancing options, but because I'm a truck owner, we were not offered very attractive rates or the best conditions. Vitaliy organized a low interest rate and we took more equity out than even planned! We will certainly recommend him to all our friends!

Alyona and Vitaliy Borodenko, Vaughan, ON

Thank you for the excellent service Vitaliy!
All the work was done within the promised time, with the terms we agreed to at the beginning (no oops). During our collaboration, there was not a single unanswered call or email. Everything was done on time and without much hassle; in short, professionally. I have no doubt we will seek his services in the future, and we'll gladly recommend him to all our friends.

Regards, Yuri Goltsman, Ajax, ON

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When I refer customers to Vitaliy, I know that my clients will receive excellent service and the best financing terms. I can rely on him, knowing that there will be no surprises before the closing. I'd recommend him to anyone!

Oleg Lishchenko,
Sutton Realty Systems, Mississauga, ON

Thank you for your professionalism as Mortgage Agent. Because of your guidance and quickness, my clients are able to purchase their dream homes! You are very professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. My clients and I are all very pleased with all your services.

Anna Petrov,
Sutton Central Realty, North York, ON

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I like working with Vitaliy. I always hear positive feedback from clients; they like the service, they get the best rates the and I never have to worry about the way he does his job. Vitaliy always picks up the phone and happily runs workshops for young realtors in our office. I am very pleased to work with him, and will continue to recommend his services!

Tanya Malak,
Broker, Home Land Plus Realty, North York, ON

Every single client I referred to Vitaliy, was approved for a financing, even though local banks declined their applications! Incredibly professional job!

Volodymyr Vorobets,

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I got the best service in the shortest time. I would gladly and confidently recommend Vitaliy to my clients as a top professional in the business…

Inna Gustov,
Your Choice Realty, Barrie, ON

Vitaliy is one of those mortgage brokers who can be relied upon. He treats every transaction with every client as it were his own. Vitaliy's best feature is that he's always ready to think outside the box, coming up with unique solutions based on the client's individual circumstances. He's personable, charming and kind. I gladly recommend him to my clients!

Eugene Feiguelman,

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